Open 7 days a week

Our Round Rock Locksmith service Austin Locksmith in open and taking calls 7 days a week and open for after hours calls.

We look forward to serving you in the Austin and surrounding areas with quality professional service.

We also do commercial work for many service provider company’s replacing locks and fixing door problems at small and large department and retail stores.

Each year we also set up many master key system for hotels in the area as well.

We do a lot of RV lockouts and RV lock work including work at many of the RV parks updating locks or re-keying locks.

Motorcycle keys and lock problems in Austin we have lots of motorcycle meets and events almost every month thousands of bikes coming into the area so we had a lot of lost or broke motorcycle keys to deal with.

Home re-keying and lock upgrading is also a large part of our business we have installed a lot of key pad locks into condos and homes and did lock re-keying of homes each week for many real estate companies’s and for foreclosure sales.

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